Basement Solutions Customer Testimonials

What our customers have to say about Basement Solutions:

     Andy: We just wanted to thank you not only for the great work you did with our sump pump but for also being one of the best contractors we have ever had the pleasure to work with. You were honest, open, nice, trustworthy and you didn't inflate your prices like others may have done with a couple who knew very little about sump pumps! Mike just said the other day that it was worth every penny! The sump pump turns on half as much as it used to and even when we are downstairs, it is so very quiet! We appreciate you and your work!

                                   -  Mike and Sandy Barger, Mankato


     Very well organized, on time, knows what he is doing!!! Worked around all utilities NO MISHAPS. Completed work faster than expected. I would call Andy and his crew to work on any basement I had. All very nice and hard, hard workers - do a great job. Andy tell your crew thank you also!!! Job well done!!! Thank you-

                                   -  Daron Rupp, Mankato, MN


     I had a VERY BIG job and what a mess - when they were done and gone you did not even know they had been there. Very good clean-up. I know I have the driest basement in South Central MN!! Andy, you may have folks call me direct!!

                                   -  Dwile Kwasniewski, New Ulm, MN


     Very clean, neat, staff, helpful as Andy was. Went above and beyond in doing extra things to make basement more efficient. Happy to advertise for you Andy. Good luck to you; you were a pleasure to have.

                                   -  Patricia Amann, Mankato


     Excellent job done! I couldn't ask for a better job. Andy's expertise has finally made my mind at ease on finishing my basement where others couldn't.

                                   -  Chris Senneff, Fairmont, MN


     We chose Andy because Andy bid the job, Andy did the work, and Andy was there to answer our questions - we weren't just dealing with a salesperson. It was nice to find a company that offers real Basement Solutions not just BS.

                                   -  Pete Schrader, Savage, MN


     Andy was very organized, his workers were nice, and the job was completed very fast. The crew was very tidy and we didn't know we had work done in our basement, it was left very clean. We wish there were more people like him and his business. Thanks again Andy!

                                   -  Monique & Jesse Severson, Mankato


     Very kind and friendly service! I appreciated the prompt service and the extras that needed to be done when you got into the job were not an issue. I am comforted with the knowledge of a dry basement and sturdy walls. Thank you-

                                   -  Lori Baggenstoss, Mankato, MN


     I recommend Basement Solutions to anyone having water problems. Very fair and honest and reasonable! Thanks again - Excellent Job!!

                                   -  Lonnie LaPole, Waterville, MN

     Thanks sooo much!! We've let many, many know about your incredible, efficient, and "great" work! Use us for a referral any day.

                                   -  Leah Rodriquez, Mankato, MN

     Andy and crew were excellent to work with, very thorough! Always takes the customer's best interest and is not pushy!

                                   -  Tom Siterlen, N. Mankato, MN


     Andy was very genuine, concerned, concise! Very laid back and described everything in layman's terms! I'd recommend Andy anytime!!

                                   -  Charles "Tim" Mead, Madison Lake, MN


     Hard worker, friendly, wonderful to have, no worries of basement flooding again.

                                   -  Gloria Huffman, Janesville, MN


     Andy was prompt and he did an excellent job! Andy won us over with his honesty and his willingness to work around our schedule. We were very pleased with the finished product and would refer him to any of our family and friends.

                                   -  Nicole Miller, Cleveland, MN


     I was very impressed how Andy was willing to come out on a Sunday. It was a messy job with lots of water and he did fantastic.

                                   -  Julie Carlberg, Mankato, MN


     Very friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient! I would definitely use Handy Andy and his crew again!

                                   -  Mary Vanne, Janesville, MN


     The job was done in a very timely fashion. The workers were very professional and worked hard while here. We were very impressed. Thank you so much!

                                   -  Christine & Bruce Geistfeld, MN


     We called and he was at our house within two days. He explained what he would do, did it, and cleaned up in an excellent manner!

                                   -  Larry Schnoor, Mankato, MN


     Andy gave us a proposal, not an estimate and he stuck to it. He showed up for the job on time and finished a quality job on time. In short, Andy is a man you can trust!

                                   -  Jeff Iseminger, Madison Lake, MN


     I am totally satisfied with your work on the problem that we had and the excellent clean up that was done on completion. Very professional.

                                   -  Tony Russ, Mankato, MN


     Expert in his field, courteous, thorough, punctual, good clean up, saved my grass!

                                   -  Joyce & Norm Stresemann, Mankato, MN


     Very prompt service, especially on a Sunday! Everything was explained well and I felt very confident that the work was done correctly.

                                   -  Colleen Patterson, N. Mankato, MN


     Great job, on time, completion on time. Hard workers, very friendly. Keep up the good work.

                                   -  Cary & Shirley Barto, Waseca, MN


     Thank you for your patience on this project and your honesty in returning the extra down payment I sent you.

                                   -  Tabbetha LaPanta, Faribault, MN


     (Would you hire me again or refer me to your friends or family members?) In a minute. You took time out of a full scheduled day off to come here.

                                   -  Georgie Salaski, Mankato, MN


     Andy and his crew responded quickly, were fair and honest, and worked very well with our team to accomplish our objectives!

                                   -  Scott Doyscher, Mankato, MN


     Professional, well knowledgeable about what needed to be done; quick; cleaned up after they were done, didn't leave any messes.

                                   -  Tom Hatfield, Fairmont, MN


     Gave us an estimate in a timely manner, changed his schedule to meet our timeline and did a nice clean job.

                                   -  Rochelle Quam, N. Mankato, MN


     Andy even suggested removing an old double sink that I always wanted to remove. Thanks! The basement looks great!

                                   -  Jane Krummel, Mankato, MN


     Response was prompt, information complete, work done fast and good cleanup.

                                   -  Ron & Ann Gower, Good Thunder, MN


     Andy, it has been nothing but a pleasure to work with you.

                                   -  Ritu Pant, Waseca, MN


     Andy did a great job - He was informative, did what he said he would do - all in a timely manner. Thank you Andy.

                                   -  Sue Waletich, Mankato, MN


     The workers were quick and efficient, knew what to do even when the job had obstacles.

                                   -  Amy Moller, Winnebago, MN


     The job was quick and painless. Andy and his crew were courteous and worked hard. They left the workspace clean when they were done.

                                   -  Sarah Krause, Fairmont, MN


     Andy: Thanks again for a great job! It looks super. And, as you've said, now we shouldn't have the moisture problem.

                                   -  Shari Hagen, Northfield, MN


     You guys were friendly and professional. You did a good job cleaning up afterwards. I would recommend you to others.

                                   -  Kevin Heldberg, LeSueur, MN


     Andy's work was completed on schedule and he kept it very neat and clean!

                                   -  Joe Adams, Janesville, MN


     You guys were great, job was done immediately and you were very easy and helpful to work with. Thanks!

                                   -  Rick Eidem, Bloomington, MN


     Andy was very flexible and eager to work with me to figure out the best solution to my basement's problems.

                                   -  Vance Becker, Mankato, MN


     The work done was very good!! I was especially pleased with how well the basement was cleaned up when the work was done.

                                   -  Tom Salsbery, Mankato, MN


     Your work was greatly appreciated and done so well and efficiently. You all did a great job with clean up also.

                                   -  Ellie Eckert, Mankato, MN


     Very professional, quality work.

                                   -  Jane Snilsberg, Iron River, WI


     Was fast and clean, thank you very much!

                                   -  Matt & Brandi Calmer, Faribault, MN


     We think you did an excellent job! Thanks!

                                   -  Ott family, N. Mankato, MN


     Helped with a solution that fit our budget, job well done!

                                   -  Connie Bleess, New Ulm, MN


     Andy, you can have anyone call me on my cell for a reference anytime. Thanks!

                                   -  Chris Hamman, Mankato, MN


     Job well done and on time. Clean up was great.

                                   -  Curtis Thedens, Mankato, MN


     Andy has done a great job. I am very satisfied with his work.

                                   -  Atrayee Ghoshroy, Mankato, MN


     It was done very quickly. There was no mess and everything was cleaned up, even the driveway.

                                   -  Joyce Knudson, Trimont, MN


     Very efficient, hard workers, job was completed in a timely fashion.

                                   -  Margaret Walsvick, Mankato, MN


     Appreciated the prompt, fast and friendly service!

                                   -  Gladys & Charles Carter, Mankato, MN


     You did a great job. Very clean and neat.

                                   -  Don Petersen, Mankato, MN


     I was amazed at how easy working with Andy and crew was!

                                   -  Mary Allen, New Richland, MN


     I was very impressed with the clean up after the job was completed.

                                   -  Marlene Donahue, Mankato, MN


     The guys worked hard and it looks amazing - so glad we went with Basement Solutions.

                                   -  Brian & Brittany Crock, Mankato, MN


     Looks like your hard work has paid off. We appreciate your dedication and attention to each challenge you encountered. Thanks for all the good work and our best to you and the crew for continuing success in 'Basement and Radon Solutions'. The work ethic is alive and well at Basement and Radon Solutions! Andy and crew face each challenge and they don't quit until it is resolved. Thanks for your dedication and expertise.

                                   -  Diane & Bart Bluhm, Waldorf, MN


     You tried to work with us to best solve the problem and not just "sell" us stuff like other companies. You treated us like people - not like a "job". Fantastic and quick work just as promised.

                                   -  Shannon & Jessie Roiger, Janesville, MN


     After our meeting we felt very comfortable that you were the guy for the job. You explained everything in detail about what you were doing and why. Job well done!!

                                   -  Jennifer Johnson, Mankato, MN


     You have an excellent crew - caring, respectful, accomplishing, polite, and good at what they do!

                                   -  Gene Glade, Mankato, MN


     Work done very professionally - workers with great work ethics, friendly and easy to get along with during the operation - Always kept me informed during the process.

                                   -  Scott Sims, Mankato, MN


     Andy was very efficient, thorough and fair throughout the whole process. Everything was completed exactly the way he said it would be done. Also, his crew was excellent! Worked hard and were extremely polite. I can't say enough about the clean-up! I was very impressed and satisfied with the work that was done! Thank you Andy and crew!

                                   -  Kari Hyland, Waseca, MN


     Prompt, knowledgeable, personable, fast, a reasonable price!

                                   -  Sandra Laun, N. Mankato, MN


     Andy and his crew were friendly and always willing to stop what they were doing to answer any questions that we had.

                                   -  Paul & Erin Schreiber, Mankato, MN


      So glad the basement is dry - have not had that since we moved here.

                                   -  Amanda & Luke Stoffel, Mankato, MN


     Very pleased with the work done, did a very good job cleaning up when done and how friendly and knowledgeable you all were!

                                   -  Yvonne Spaude, Gibbon, MN


     Did an excellent job! Andy and his staff are very polite and professional. The job was big and messy but the cleanup was amazing! Highly recommend Basement Solutions!

                                   -  Jay & Darlene Thompson, N. Mankato, MN


      We were happy with the work. The basement actually looks cleaner then before you started!

                                   -  Molly & Derek Nelson, New Ulm, MN


     Clean job was done in one day start to finish -very clean. Routed the drain pipe above a finished ceiling and it started draining as soon as it connected.

                                   -  Carol Ewert, Mankato, MN


     You came when you said you would. Finished ahead of time and left everything neat and clean. Also, your crew was polite and professional.

                                   -  Mary Ann Kulseth, N. Mankato, MN


     Finished in a timely manner and were very polite and cleaned up their mess thoroughly.

                                   -  Scott Mcgrath, LeCenter, MN


     Andy and his crew completed the project on time, did exactly what they said they would do, were professional and courteous and did the best job of cleaning each night that I have seen in my 15 years of working with contractors.

                                   -  Chris & Elly Oehler, Hanska, MN


     Andy and his team did a wonderful job! I was amazed at how quickly and neat they completed our egress window. My husband and I had a lot of trouble getting other contractors to return our calls or show up for estimate appointments. Andy's prices were comparable and he always returned our calls and showed up when scheduled.

                                   -  Melissa & Jeff Mackie, Mankato, MN


     Andy was very helpful with post job suggestions and the estimate was spot on.

                                   -  Michael Kahler, New Richland, MN


     A well designed system with courteous and quick installation. My once wet basement is staying dry!

                                   -  Thomas Storm, LeCenter, MN


     Very neat, clean and professional job. Did what was expected and completed in the time stated.

                                   -  Brian & Kathy Johnson, Mankato, MN


     You are very knowledgeable at what you do. You put my husband and I at ease during a very stressful time.

                                   -  Peggy & Ross Loven, Mankato, MN


     Great service, great price and great owner.

                                   -  Tayler Swanson, Mankato, MN


     Andy and his crew were very informative and courteous. They kept me informed of their progress and finished on time.

                                   -  Elaine Pleiss, Mankato, MN


       The guys were quick and efficient. They knew their work very well. They did an awesome job and cleaned up after they were done.

                                   -  Rhea & Joseph Sellner, Janesville, MN


      We were very pleased with your crew. Everyone was very careful. We were pleased about cleanup and the way our house was when they left.

                                   -  Dan & Linda Weber, Wanda, MN


      Was very pleased with the work done. Friendly and professional.

                                   -  Leslie & John Davis, N. Mankato, MN


     Did not leave a mess- Big sales point. Scheduled: right away.

                                   -  Bruce Velta, Winnebago, MN


      Very professional, work done on time, good clean up. You guys were friendly and professional. You did a good job cleaning up afterwards. I would recommend you to others.                                

                                   - Eric & Michelle Peterson, Mankato, MN

Andy: We would like to “Thank you” and your staff/family for the work you did for our son Chris’ house at 218 Moreland. You worked with the other contractors and us and kept in contact with us updating us on every detail. You never forgot about us and came back when you needed to and even made the time when you were busy to get us on track to move forward with this project and it is much appreciated. Thanks again for working with us on this Andy!

- Bruce, Laurie & Chris Verdoes, Mankato, MN

Very high quality work. Performed quickly and could not tell that the crew had the yard dug up at all. Very impressed.

- Peter Skramstad, North Mankato, MN 

After contacting you, I talked to many friends that used your services and everyone was extremely satisfied just like I was.

- Mick Dorland, Mankato, MN

Entire staff was very professional, friendly and focused on doing a good job for us. Explained work in detail whenever we asked a question.

- Jim & Edie More, Minnesota Lake, MN

Very knowledgeable, addressed all my concerns and answered all questions very informatively and politely – never made me feel that any question was too small. I was extremely pleased with the workmanship – couldn’t believe the drainage system and posts took only three days to install from the beginning to end! And left the area cleaner than before you started!! Very professional! Great work. Thanks so much!

- Karen Schmoll, North Mankato, MN

Very meticulous work with excellent cleanup. Workers were very accommodating. Reasonable price.

- Leo Getsfried, Mankato, MN

Your men went way beyond of what we hoped for. They were very friendly, helpful and work extremely hard.

- Bob & Elaine Stewart, Fairmont, MN

Everything that was on the website and explained at first visit came true when the job was done.

- Hans & Christine Schwanke, Mankato, MN

Hard working crew! Great cleanup when finished. Looks great! And our basement is dry!

- Brad & Sue Owens, Lake Crystal, MN

The team was quick and thorough. Drain tile installation was fabulous. First time my basement has been totally dry in over 10 years since I bought the house.

- Heidi Kram, Northfield, MN

You were upfront, honest and fair. Very good customer service. Did very nice work. Haven’t had a problem with basement or water since.

- Keith & Carol Bilitz, Eagle Lake, MN

I am very pleased with the work done. The crew was professional, friendly, quick and organized. The clean-up after the work was exceptional. Well done, noticed and appreciated!

- Doug Rohlk, Mankato, MN

Dan and his crew did a great job installing our system and cleaning up afterwards. It was tested immediately with 3” plus of rain and not a sign of water. I have 100% confidence in finishing off the basement now!

- Nate Huettl, Mankato, MN

We are very pleased with the work that was done by Basement Solutions. Looking forward to enjoying our basement without the worry of future water problems!

- Craig & Kari Linbo, New Ulm, MN

Your crew was very friendly and efficient. We appreciated the explanations they gave us about what they were doing. They solved unexpected problems professionally and ably. The basement has been dry with no signs of water since the system was put in.

- Metone Wamma & Mary Wagner, Mankato, MN

You were very prompt on getting back to me and answering all my questions and explaining everything. The crew were great and very punctual. It has been a pleasure working with you.

- Cathy Brown, Mankato, MN

You and your whole team were amazing. From start to finish and clean-up. Knowledgeable and honest – genuine and professional! We are thankful for Basement Solutions!

- Lesley & Mark Grout, North Mankato, MN

We had been doing a lot of work to our house and you were the only one that actually showed up and completed the job as promised! Thank you!

- Duane & Debbie Distad, Hanska, MN

Andy and his crew were very knowledgeable, professional and the work was completed in a timely manner with no hidden costs. Thank you!!

- Tracie Holm, Mankato, MN

You were upfront and a no BS guy that didn’t just sell products or service. The guys were super courteous and respectful while on the job.

- Dan & Amy Kral, Sleepy Eye, MN


Radon Solutions Customer Testimonials

What our customers have to say about Radon Solutions:

     "Radon Solutions recently provided us with a solution to our radon problem. Andy provides a courteous and high quality service and provides you with a good understanding of the radon mitigation process. Our situation required a creative pipe routing solution. Andy worked with me to provide a cleanly routed system. Our radon levels were quite high at 18.6 pCi/L. After system installation, our level is 0.3 pCi/L - that's right, a reduction from 18.6 to just 0.3 pCi/L. Besides the obvious health risk benefit, this system provides our family of five with the peace of mind that our radon problem has been solved."

                                    - Tom Theobald, Mankato, MN

     "We are extremely pleased. Our radon has gotten as low as 0.5. What a relief that we won't have to excavate the crawlspace. You left everything so neat that we wouldn't have even known you were here. I would and have already recommended you to others. I am so glad I picked you to do the job. You and your assistant were a pleasure."

                                    - Marlene Nelson, Owatonna, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 11.5 pCi/L to 0.5 pCi/L

     "Good fast neat clean job. Andy's knowledge, experience, reasonable price is unequaled. Money well spent, peace of mind."

                                    - George Nasman, Mankato, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 15.4 pCi/L to 1.2 pCi/L

     "Andy was very good in explaining all the options and possible problems that may occur. He lowered my radon level from 32 down to 1.2. Everything was cleaned up before he left. Could hardly tell he was there. Excellent work."

                                    - Paul Huebert, Mankato

                                    Levels lowered from 32 pCi/L to 1.2 pCi/L

     "I highly recommend Andy (and crew) and plan to hire him for other home projects. Andy has a wealth of knowledge and experience and is a great resource not to mention an all 'round nice guy!"

                                    - Matt Mehegan, N. Mankato

                                    Levels lowered from 10 pCi/L to 2.8 pCi/L

     "Andy is very knowledgeable and explains the mitigation process well. I can tell by their (Andy & helper)'s work that they take pride in what they do and do it neat and well. I would highly recommend Andy for all you basement/radon needs. "

                                    - Mary Kay Kerkoff

                                    Levels lowered from 10.3 pCi/L to 1.9 pCi/L

     "Very happy! Andy answered all our questions and concerns. Installed a system I feel very confident about. Very clean when done and very considerate."

                                    - Chris DeVries, New Ulm

                                    Levels lowered from 5.4 pCi/L to 1.2 pCi/L

     "We were very impressed with your friendliness and the quality of your work, have recommended many people to do the radon testing and told them to make sure to contact you if they have a high result. Thanks Andy!"

                                    - Linda & Denny Swehla, Easton, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 20.5 pCi/L to 2.0 pCi/L

     "Life saver, reading of 16 to 0.3 and helped with sump pump drain area."

                                    - Donald Borstad, New Ulm

                                    Levels lowered from 16 pCi/L to 0.3 pCi/L

     "Once your website is set, have testimonies: "Radon Solutions changed our radon levels from 29.8 to 0.3 pCi/L. Thanks again for a job well done!"

                                    - Ken Emmeck, New Ulm, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 29.8 pCi/L to 0.3 pCi/L

     "I would highly recommend, Andy has great knowledge of his business, did excellent work."

                                    - Michael Bohnert, Mankato, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 16.7 pCi/L to 1.1 pCi/L

     "You are a true professional and do an outstanding job of testing for radon and installing the necessary equipment to take care of the problem. Cost is reasonable."

                                    - Jim Keckeisen, Mankato, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 8.2 pCi/L to 0.5 pCi/L

     "Andy exceeded my expectations with his professionalism, expertise on approach of the project as well as his clean up after the project."

                                    - Mila Quiring, New Ulm

                                    Levels lowered from 11.1 pCi/L to 0.3 pCi/L

     "Andrew, you really know what you are doing, and you go about it in a very precise, scientific way; no one else really does that."

                                    - Gerald Hansen, Mankato, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 16.7 pCi/L to 0.3 pCi/L

     "Extremely pleased with information and workmanship and overall experience."

                                    - Marlin Lloyd, N. Mankato, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 7.6 pCi/L to 0.9 pCi/L

     "Andy was very good at explaining potential problems. Explained what needed to be done and why. He completed the job with excellent workmanship in a timely manner. We are very happy with the results."

                                    - Doug & Lisa Boyer, Mapleton, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 9.2 pCi/L to 0.9 pCi/L

     "Like many people in Minnesota, we have heard that radon gas levels are high in some areas of Minnesota. This year we decided to have our home tested and found that our levels were high. It tested with an average level of 8.4, which is much higher than desired. After having the radon reduction system put into service, the average level dropped to 1.8, which is a very good level. Radon Solutions was recommended to us for radon remediation work. We were pleased with this company. It took one day of work to have the system ready, and the two gentlemen that came to our home were both personable and thorough in their work. We would recommend Radon Solutions very highly. "

                                    - Dale and Marion Carrison, Mankato, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 8.4 pCi/L to 1.8 pCi/L

     "Having already had a beaver system installed in our basement made it more difficult to install the radon removal system. We appreciate the extra time and effort Andy took in our situation to have the system installed correctly."

                                    - Chad Oachs, Mankato, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 8.5 pCi/L to 1.4 pCi/L

     "Andy did a great job explaining each detail and what should be done. Got my level down from 14.3 to a low of 0.3 - Great!"

                                    - Dell Bettin, LeCenter, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 14.3 pCi/L to 0.3 pCi/L

     "My home went from 16.5 to 1.4. One day, very professional install. Cleaned up after install. Personable and friendly staff."

                                    - Lee Hansen, Trimont

                                    Levels lowered from 16.5 pCi/L to 1.4 pCi/L

     "You did a great job in explaining what needed to be done and why. We feel we can trust Andy and that he will stand behind this system. Everything very clean when done. Thank you!"

                                    - Dick and Gen Montei, Albert Lea, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 10 pCi/L to 2.9 pCi/L

     "Very professional and timely! Would highly recommend to friends/family."

                                    - Ryan & Keri Evenson, Madison Lake, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 5.3 pCi/L to 0.7 pCi/L

     "We were very pleased with your services and would recommend to anyone in the area. Our radon problem has been resolved."

                                    - Michelle Pemble, Eagle Lake, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 7.8 pCi/L to 0.3 pCi/L

     "We can rest easy knowing our level dropped from 4.7 to 0.3. Can't get a better reading than that!"

                                    - Shannon & Dave Barie, New Ulm, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 4.7 pCi/L to 0.3 pCi/L

     "Was easy to work with. Listened to my concerns and especially where I wanted the radon exhaust pipes put in our home."

                                    - Alan Honermann, Mankato, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 10 pCi/L to 1.1 pCi/L

     "I feel like I can trust Andy to stand behind the system he installed."

                                    - Rick Hand, Welcome, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 32.9 pCi/L to 0.7 pCi/L

     "Radon Solutions took care of our radon issues in an efficient and professional manner. Thanks Andy!"

                                    - Cindy Viesselman, Fairmont

                                    Levels lowered from 16 pCi/L to 1.8 pCi/L

     "The radon problem was solved. The cost was reasonable and the job was done quickly. The clean up was excellent."

                                    - Tom Lietha, N. Mankato, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 14 pCi/L to 1.4 pCi/L

     "Out of the 4 people we met with, Andy was the most knowledgeable and gave us many options - We were given many possible outcomes before the work started."

                                    - Kevin & Kristin Landgraff, Eagle Lake, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 9 pCi/L to 0.3 pCi/L

     "Andy was very pleasant and gave us a feeling of confidence as he checked out our home. Everything was finished the following day."

                                    - Dave & Jacque Noy, Vernon Center, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 9.7 pCi/L to 2.6 pCi/L

     "Project was completed as bid and lowered our readings to 1.4 from 5.3. Neat and accurate workmanship."

                                    - Stan Bruss, Mankato, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 5.3 pCi/L to 1.4 pCi/L

     "Very professional and fair price. Very satisfied."

                                    - Thomas Hoehn, Mankato, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 17.5 pCi/L to 1.9 pCi/L

     "Andy provided prompt, excellent service. Our radon level has dropped to 0.6 pCi/L."

                                    - Jeff Severson, Mankato, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 5.2 pCi/L to 0.6 pCi/L

     "Neat work, prompt, reliable and on budget."

                                    - Gerald Smith, Belle Plaine, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 11 pCi/L to 0.8 pCi/L

     "Andy was prompt for keeping appointments. Returned to follow through. Thoughtful with keeping work area clean. Friendly and courteous."

                                    - Pauline Byers, Mankato

                                    Levels lowered from 15.4 pCi/L to 1.2 pCi/L

     "Thank you for your help and being patient and flexible with scheduling. We are very happy with the results."

                                    - Michael Much, Mankato

                                    Levels lowered from 5.5 pCi/L to 0.3 pCi/L

     "Andy is very pleasant and well-informed. Our home was left very clean after the work was done."

                                    - Jerry Roust, N. Mankato

                                    Levels lowered from 21.7 pCi/L to 0.5 pCi/L

     "Radon Solutions did a great job. They were thorough, punctual and very considerate."

                                    - Kelly Peterson, Mankato, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 10.2 pCi/L to 2.1 pCi/L

     "Radon Solutions took care of our radon issues in an efficient and professional manner. Thanks, Andy!"

                                    - Cindy Viesselman, Trimont, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 16 pCi/L to 1.8 pCi/L

     "Andy was very willing to decrease the radon count in our home with the least amount of disruption of our home. He was very professional and very easy to talk to about our situation."

                                    - Bonnie Hanson, Madison Lake, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 11 pCi/L to 0.9 pCi/L

     "Andy was very honest, knowledgeable and didn't pressure me."

                                    - Karen Christy, Mankato

                                    Levels lowered from 25.9 pCi/L to 1.2 pCi/L

     "Very professional and very thorough."

                                    - Rich Coyle, Mankato, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 5.4 pCi/L to 0.2 pCi/L

     "Fast, cleaned up when done. Excellent job!"

                                    - Mary Miller, Pemberton, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 11 pCi/L to 0.8 pCi/L

     "You did a great job, very clean, courteous crew. Explained things very well."

                                    - Blaine Kolstad, Mankato

                                    Levels lowered from 12 pCi/L to 0.9 pCi/L

     "Was very thorough explaining everything and was very timely and considerate."

                                    - Ann Briard, St. Peter, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 11.4 pCi/L to 0.5 pCi/L

     "Very clean and thorough installation and great follow up."

                                    - Leatha Norman, Mankato, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 5.7 pCi/L to 1.1 pCi/L

     "Very neat, cleaned up all of the mess and did the job in a timely period."

                                    - Howard & Pat Snider, Mankato

                                    Levels lowered from 6.2 pCi/L to 0.6 pCi/L

     "Was prompt in getting the project done and did a great clean up job."

                                    - Lois Musset, Mankato

                                    Levels lowered from 5.7 pCi/L to 1.3 pCi/L

     "Very careful and did a very nice job! Thanks!"

                                    - Jeff Kamm, Courtland, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 7.5 pCi/L to 0.3 pCi/L

     "Installation was done in one day and the areas that were worked in were left cleaner than when they came."

                                    - Mari Feder, St. Peter, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 13.7 pCi/L to 0.5 pCi/L

     "Friendly, cleaned up after themselves."

                                    - Gary & Dorothy Janssen, Sherburn, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 17.2 pCi/L to 0.3 pCi/L

     "Prompt, professional service, Thank you!"

                                    - Ann Widness, N. Mankato, MN

                                    Levels lowered from 6.8 pCi/L to 0.9 pCi/L

     "Very thorough, answered all of our questions, returned phone calls promptly."

                                    - Deb & Steve Krosch, Lake Crystal, MN